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Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Transnational Meetings

The first project meeting kicked off in Budapest (Hungary) with representatives from all the countries involved (Hungary, Spain, UK, Turkey and Greece) attending the first meeting. The meeting started with formal introductions and presentations from each partner to show how all partners bring strength and expertise to the project and each showed the potential for dividing the project workload equally and fairly.Hungary and Budapest was presented by a couple of students.

Partners debated over the 2 days meeting about the meaning of the project and how the project would progress,what the aims and objectives are and the unilateral commitment to achieve those aims.

The second day started with a very useful presentation from the Hungarian National Agency

The following reports will be compiled in a singled report called "Project Management Document":

  • Evaluation Plan (TTC)
  • Technological Plan (FS22)
  • Communication Plan (ACHEI)
  • Social Networks (AfyonMTAL)
  • Exploitation Plan (SZAMALK)


Pictures and minutes from the meeting are available from the project website at


The second Meeting took place in Bideford (UK). The meeting started with the welcome of  Bideford with a general presentation of the country.

The meeting work started with a brief overview of all the issues that should be discussed and solved in the project which mainly were around the first three intellectual outputs After that, we started to discuss the project.

Mostly talking about each Intellectual Output to then pass to general issues relating to:

  • Management and financial issues
  • How to sharing files
  • Dissemination and social networks tasks
  • Development of questionnaires and how to publish and compile results to evaluate project progress and each meeting. 


The third meeting took place in Patras (Greece). The meeting largely centered on the OER and creation of courses. There is an awful lot of of work to be accomplished. Most of the meeting centered on resolving technical and operational issues.

Other items

  • Management reports as end of year approaching
  • All paperwork up to date for end September and loaded
  • Captivate 9 & 10 licence compatability


The fourth meeting took place in Afyon in (Turkey) the meeting featured heavily on the outstanding workload and the final push to complete the project.