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Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Cross-sectoral cooperation for work-life balance based on models of cooperation and tools from Great Britain


TTC have been involved in a partnership with B D Center & Danmar Computers based in Rzeszow Poland in the the development and implementation of new solutions and tools, for the   practices used in Great Britain (GB), which allow for the undertaking of permanent cross-sectoral cooperation on the following levels: local, regional and national, between public and non-public job market institutions, the NGO sector and employers with the use of products and tools developed during the project concerning work-life balance by the recipients including men and women who take care of their dependants, which, as a result, might help them to undertake/maintain occupational activation’.


Polish Internet Platform completely dedicated to the issues of work-life balance, consisting of


  • A discussion forum, a place for ‘virtual meetings’ for users (employers and employees), who will use the offered solutions and tools for the occupational activation/maintaining occupational activation of men and women who take care of their dependants;
  • The first public database in Poland containing a list of current activities/initiatives, entities operating to promote life-work balance, a reading room, links related to the above mentioned issues, which will be updated on a current basis by users from various sectors, also from beyond the project target groups and the recipients who have common interests related to work-life balance;
  • A set of 3 e-learning modules for target recipients;
  • A set of 15 training movies for employers;
  • Description of 3 cross-sectoral cooperation models (labour market institutions-NGOs-employers);
  • Instructions with recommendations for the implementing institutions;
  • The remaining developed project products (reports, analyses).






 Project Number: WND-POWR.04.03.00-00-W166/15-01